How To Dress For Court

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Dressing properly for court can have big impact on the court’s perception of you. “The court” includes everyone who is in the courtroom during your trial which includes the lawyers, the presiding judge, the courtroom audience, and most importantly, the jurors.

Dressing for Court

Don’t come to court looking like this.

Below is a list of 7 tried and true tips to dressing properly for court.

  1. Know The Dress Code For The Court – Most of the time this information can be found on the website of the court, or the official government website where the court and the presiding judge are listed.
  2. Make Sure You Are Well Groomed – Although this should be ideal, sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life with the addition of the need for you to appear in court grooming can be overlooked. If you were raised well and had decent parenting, this shouldn’t be an issue, but for those that need the message reinforced, here ye, here ye; Brush your teeth, comb your hair, clean the dirt from under your fingernails, brush your teeth(2), bathe or shower, have a decent appearance.
  3. Wear Comfortable Clothing That Fits – Although over-sized clothing is comfortable, don’t wear it to court. Wear clothes that fit well and come to court with a casual-professional appearance instead of a casual-street appearance. Some clothes can have gangster-type street thug look, and sometimes there way you wear non-street clothes can broadcast those same negative images. Avoid it.
  4. Hide Your Tattoos and Piercings – Coming to court “tatted up” will make you look silly and well dressed for a prison sentence where people with tattoos look like they belong. Gone are the days when former military and when people from prison where the only ones tattooed, now prison culture has spilled onto to the streets and has become embraced by dumb ass Americans who don’t care about their country. “Sigh” I digress. Cover up all tattoos and prisons, I mean piercings when you’ll have to appear in court.
  5. Don’t Dress Too Comfortably – Some idiots will walk into court with house-shoes on or a tank top and guarantee themselves shunned in the eyes of the court. Some will come into court with shorts on in utter disrespect of their situation. Don’t be this person.
  6. Don’t Wear a Hat – Although hats aren’t necessarily a bad thing, walk into any courtroom in America with a hat on and you’ll be met with fierce opposition from the bailiff. Don’t embarrass yourself in this manner. Remove your hat before entering a courtroom.
  7. Don’t Overdress – The last thing a pimp appearing in court for a criminal charge relating to the promotion of prostitution needs to do is show up in front of the judge wearing a mink and a set of expensive diamonds. Aside from my colorful example, this bodes true for the rest of us as well. A simple polo and slacks for men, or a blouse and a skirt for women, should suffice.

If you ever have to appear in court and lack home-training, these rules should help you in your effort to show up in court dressed in a civilized manner.

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