When People Are Killed By Drunk Drivers

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A Serious & Hated Crime of Irresponsibility

Causing a death in a car accident is one thing, but taking the lives of innocent people because of an inability to engage in responsibility while drinking, is a completely different concept in its entirety.

Imagine being the mother, father, daughter, brother, sister, or grandparent of someone that you love that was killed at no fault of their own, but the irresponsibility of another.

For these reasons intoxication manslaughter is one of the absolutely most hated crimes that take place on a normal basis. These form of vicious car accidents happen as a result of drunk driving.

When these types of intoxication manslaughter homicides happen, the person at fault, if they survive, is arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

The Potential Jail Time Is Serious

Intoxication manslaughter is at least a second-degree felony criminal offense in the state of Texas. Persons who are suspected of a criminal act, criminally charged, and convicted of a second-degree felony, can expect to be sentenced to a prison sentence of up to 20 years if convicted in a court of law. In instances where multiple lives were lost, and multiple charges have been filed, prison sentences will be stacked on top of each other.

Consult A Highly Trained DWI Trial Attorney

Defendants facing trial for these forms of crimes, that wish to fight, should contact a season lawyer to discuss options. Even if the defendant is guilty as charged of their offense, there may be possibilities of avoiding the worst sentencing with the help of good lawyering.

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