Why Houston, TX Law Firms Hire Detectives

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Houston attorneys who specialize in criminal defense cases frequently need detective work done. Many hire detectives like Detective Gradoni to do investigations while some have private eyes on staff at all times. To contact J.J. Gradoni of Gradoni & Associates, call 281-440-0800.

When a crime is committed, a suspect finally caught and scheduled for trial, the defendant is obviously in serious trouble. A crime such as murder can bring a life imprisonment and in some states a guilty verdict can mean the death penalty.

A good defense team costs a great deal of money, as in such cases as the O.J. Simpson trial, and not everyone can afford the expense involved.

Public Defender

In a case where the defendant has no resources, he/she may have to rely on the service of a public defender. Of course, this is a worst case scenario, not because the public defender is a bad attorney, but simply because usually there is little money for the hire of someone to do a little detective work.

The public defender may petition the court for funds to pursue a defense, and depending on many circumstances, the court may allow a certain amount. But in real life, most courts have little extra means for helping a defense team, and other factors enter into the mix as well. The court may not approve of spending large sums of money while the public defender builds a defense. In the end, a public defender may be left with very few resources when the trial begins.


At this point, it should be pointed out that, in theory, the defense really should have nothing to do but to make certain the prosecution presents an unimpeachable case against the accused. That would mean the defense must carefully watch for any cracks in the prosecution’s case. In other words, it’s the prosecution’s obligation to present a case that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty.

The more resources the defense has to work with, the better the chance that the defense will find and shatter some or many of the “proofs” brought forward by the prosecution. A detective working for the defense can perhaps learn a great deal about witnesses and testimony that might otherwise never be brought out in court. There have been many instances of this in the past.

Witness Testimony

If detective work for the defense can bring up any sort of evidence that might impeach the testimony of a prosecution witness, this could be of great help in gaining a not-guilty verdict for the accused. Witnesses can make many mistakes. They can mistake what they think they saw or heard. They can mistake days and dates and they can easily mistake faces and actions. And it is not at all unknown for witnesses to lie under oath.

A good defense with a good detective or team of detectives can make sure any witness is unimpeachable.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Most attorneys deal in simple legal matters. Some strictly work as social security disability attorneys. Some focus on accident cases and some make real estate an area of expertise.

A good Houston criminal defense attorney is much more that any of these and, as in Hollywood, only a few can ever be “stars”. A criminal defense attorney must have the ability to captivate the jury with everything he has; charm, logic, a good voice, knowledge and be a great judge of character.

When the prosecution comes up against such a Houston criminal attorney, it knows a real job is being laid out if it hopes to prosecute their case, and the prosecutors know they’d better get it right.


It’s not a defense attorney’s job to decide whether a client is guilty or not, nor is it a private detective’s job to look for evidence to prove the client’s guilt. If evidence of innocence appears, wonderful. But the focus of the detective’s job is to look into the supposed facts, the backgrounds of witnesses and any other material that may help the defendant.

The job for the defense, as stated above is not to consider guilt or innocence, but to make the prosecution present a fair and convincing case.

Many feel that it’s wrong for an attorney to put up a vigorous defense if he/she believes the client is guilty, but in the law, an attorney has to do his/her very best to defend a client no matter who the client is, no matter what a terrible reputation the client may have or how terrible the crime for which the client is being accused. To do otherwise could mean disbarment.

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