Why You Should Be Polite When Stopped By Police

September 28, 2014 | By

A friend of mine called me over the weekend to tell me about how a cop let him go after he was stopped and caught red-handed with a marijuana joint in his ashtray.


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Seems he was speeding from Galveston to Houston on Interstate 45 and got clocked by a Galveston County Sheriff’s deputy doing 85 in a 70.

As the officer was writing the ticket, he noticed the marijuana joint in the ashtray and asked my friend to step out of the vehicle.

After the officer searched the vehicle for additional drugs, the officer noted that he didn’t smell any marijuana, so he wouldn’t be making an arrest for DWI or DUI, however, having a joint in the ashtray is illegal and is a criminal offense called “possession of marijuana”.

After my friend explained to the officer that he didn’t smoke, and certainly didn’t use marijuana, and also that he shares his car, the officer let him go. But not because he believed the lie, it was a lie, but because my friend hadn’t tried to deny possession of the join, or acted impolite with the officer.

Being polite can go a long way to helping you out of a jam.

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